Nightclub Security 

Security Service offers a customised security solution for Bar’s and Nightclubs. With our many years of experience and speciality in nightclub security, our customers are guaranteed a competent and quality-oriented partner who knows what it takes to ensure that safety and service are at the top.

We customise a solution to your bar or club and secure us through ongoing communication that guests always feel welcome and safe.

We can deliver the following:

  • Security hosts – (request a competence description)
  • Doormen
  • Supervisors to existing guard teams
  • Crowd Management / – Control
  • Firefighting
  • First Aid / Advanced First Aid
  • AED (Automatic External Defibrillator)

We constantly work with new ideas and concepts, which helps to increase the service and safety of both guests and staff, so that they can always feel safe and secure.

We are available all year round. Both when it comes to quick response and when it comes to doormen at discos and bars.

Guard services with speciality in Nightclub Security.

A permanent security team can ensure a high level of service and safety for employees and guests.

The customer’s specific requirements for the guard service are ensured through a security team that continuously adapts to your specific values.

Contact info:
Tel.: +45 70 10 15 11