Security Service

Counter Surveillance (TSCM)

Security Service offers TSCM (Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures) also called sweeping, for companies as well as private.

Counter Surveillance (TSCM) refers to measures taken to prevent surveillance, including covert surveillance.

Electronic surveillance and the need to protect information are an undeniable fact in business. There are many methods for obtaining information, but few are as effective and difficult to detect as electronic interception or ‘hidden monitoring’.

Security Service offers TSCM / sweeping in the following areas:

  • Scanning office premises
  • Private housing scanning
  • Vehicle scanning for Bugs / Trackers

Modern monitoring technology is very discrete and can be very difficult to locate. Security Service uses some of the most advanced equipment for TSCM. Even devices that only send in short and rare bursts or frequency jumps, as well as devices that are “hidden” close to a high-power signal, we can locate.

Risk Assessment: A risk assessment is a risk analysis with associated recommendations for risk mitigation measures, where the company’s unique situation will form the basis for prioritizing countermeasures.

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