Travel Security

Security Service assists companies as well as private citizens, including travel agencies, by establishing the highest possible security for their leaders, employees and guests during travels and stays abroad. The purpose of Security Service’s assistance is partly to prevent and reduce security-related risks during travel as much as possible. It is also to ensure that any potential security-related incidents are handled efficiently and professionally.

Security Service offers integrated solutions, as well as specific services and advice in regards to specific situations. Security Service can therefore help develop and implement the overarching security policy for traveling under the company’s management, or simply assist with individual elements.

Our service include:

  • 24 timer operationscenter 
  • Travel companion 
  • Close Protection 
  • Secure hotels and private residents
  • Private aircraft and pilots
  • Medical relief and evacuation
  • Threat assessments for countries, regions, cities & hotels
  • Flexible Concierge Service

Security Service works methodically and analytically with travel security and emphasizes preventive efforts and the development of appropriate security behaviour that supports the company’s strategic aims.

Security Service’s advice are based on experience and an extensive global network and covers all relevant security-related aspects, including threats and risks in relation to espionage, corruption, political instability, terror, kidnapping, theft and robbery along with risks related to local transport and natural hazardous events.

In cooperation with the individual client, Security Service can create a balanced and holistic travel security system, adapted both to the concrete needs of the company and its character and culture.

Contact info:

Tel.: +45 70 10 15 11